With weather changes, think of others without warmth

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This week, we’ve experienced single digit temperatures and the first substantial snowfall of the season.

It’s been so cold that I’ve begun to dread going outside, even for the shortest of walks between classes on campus.

As soon as I enter a warm building, I feel an instant sense of relief.

But I am reminded each time I take off my coat that some people don’t get a respite from the cold.

Those who are struggling in life, sleeping in their cars or outside do so all year ‘round.

According to Evan Goodenow of the Chronical-Telegram, there were 633,782 people counted as homeless in the United States as of January 2012.

Goodenow said homelessness in Ohio has increased 24.1 percent since 2007. “Ohio had the fourth largest increase among states,” he said.

Many of us can only imagine what it’s like to be homeless.

But picturing women, men, children, veterans, families, etc. trying to make it through the winter without proper meals, heat and a home is almost impossible to me.

It must be one of the most miserable situations a person can be in.

One night this week, I went to fetch an extra blanket to warm my feet when my boyfriend suddenly said that whenever he’s cold, he thinks of those who are, too, but can’t do anything about it.

But we can.

So we went to the store, where he loaded up a cart with 144 cans of vegetables and a big bag of rice, which he donated to a local food drive.

I am extremely proud of him for making a decision to do what he could to help others.

He taught me how easy a thing it is to do, and how appreciated it is by the shelters, missions and other organizations and programs that help the needy get through the winter. The Bowling Green Christian Food Pantry, the City Mission of Findlay, the Seagate Foodbank of Northwest Ohio and the Cherry Street Mission in Toledo are some local food banks and shelters that could really use your donations.

A lot of these places have wish lists of things they need on their websites, such as canned goods, toiletries, clothing and first aid kits.

Check out their websites and donate what you can.

You’ll be glad you did.

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