Staying in to study in residence halls

There’s no place like home and the saying is true when studying for finals as well.

While some students might live off-campus, there is a big group that lives in the residence halls. These places provide spaces where students can study.

Some of these places include student lounges, computer labs and classrooms, said Director of Residence Life Sarah Waters.

“Some have classrooms that are available in the evening where they can work at,” she said. “These have tables where students can spread out.”

Waters recommends students study where they will be most effective.

“In residence halls, they have all the resources they need right there,” she said. “They can study in their rooms or in the lounge, where they can pull up their laptops and not have to brave the weather.”

She also said that the place a student studies is unique.

“In their room, there might be distractions,” Waters said. “For some, that might be a perfect place where they can get the support they need. They just need to know what they need to study. For others, they might need to listen to music.”

However, the places provided are primarily available only to the students who live in the residence halls.

“The main lobby is open for anyone but any of the upper floors and labs provided are for current residence students because their funds paid for those things,” Waters said.

The halls have taken into consideration that students will be studying, so in order to help they have extended quiet hours, Waters said.

“We did this to help promote a quiet environment,” she said. “We hope students do well so they come back next spring.”