Air Force ROTC to host other detachments for weekend conference

The University’s Air Force ROTC Detachment 620 will be hosting its first co-detachment conference March 22 to collaborate on ideas for improving the program.

“The vision is to bring together Air Force ROTC detachments from across the region to exchange ideas, best practices and curriculum content,” said USAF Capt. Christopher M. Sparkes in an email.

Air Force ROTC, or Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a two or four-year program offered across the country at various universities, and lead by active-duty Air Force officers. Upon completion, the young adults enter the Air Force as an officer themselves after being prepared in leadership studies and combat technique.

Ohio University Detachment 650 will be the visiting organization at the conference. Together with the University’s program, they will collaborate on ideas and learn from each other different approaches and methods.

The program is also in the process of developing a web-based archive that will be “accessible to any Air Force ROTC program that wishes to gain insight of different detachment approaches,” said Victoria Boon, an AS100 Cadet in charge of public affairs in an email.

Topics in the forum will include fundraising, morale, physical training, community service and “unique leadership laboratory lessons.”

The six hour conference will not only be discussion, but also a way to “allow the cadets to network with students from other universities,” Sparkes said.

Boon explained that the event would be carried out with competitive but friendly games of basketball and ultimate Frisbee.

The games are an “exciting way to promote physical fitness, competitiveness, esprit de corps and teamwork,” Sparkes said.

Detachment 620 plans to hold another conference at the University next spring, in hopes of it growing and expanding and in effect bettering the Air Force ROTC program nationally.