USG supports strategic plan, hears from Career Center

Kendra Clark and Kendra Clark

The student government was busy talking about a variety of topics from the career center to the strategic plan Monday night.

The Undergraduate Student Government voted unanimously to approve a resolution written by Harshman Hall Senator Amir Huggins, Internal Affairs Chair Eric Juzkiw and Kohl Hall Senator Lucis Ladden to formally support the strategic plan.

Now that the resolution has passed, USG is the first student body to formally support the plan, said President Alex Solis.

“I’ve been president for two years now, and I’m very excited about this,” he said. “As I looked around the room and saw everyone watching, it really speaks about the students here.”

Chair of the University Board of Trustees Deb Ryans came to speak to USG Monday night as well, educating the students about what the trustees do.

“One of the roles of the trustees is to appoint the president and to evaluate their progress year to year,” she said. “We advocate for the University, provide leadership and provide fundraising.”

Academic Affairs Chair Kasie Durkit asked what the important issues were for the board this year.

“Well, the budget is always an issue,” Ryans said. “Requirement and retention is a major focus as well for us right now.”

Solis is happy that Ryans was able to come in and talk with USG.

“It’s always important that trustees come in; it says a lot,” he said. “It’s big for transparency. I’m very pleased she could make it though, because many people don’t know what she does.”

Career Center Student Ambassador Maria Nar came to speak after Ryan to educate USG about the career center and different things they offer students.

“When you set up an appointment or come to our walk in hours, we can help you with a number of things,” she said. “We look over resumes and critique them, we help with cover letters and provide mock interviews as well.”

It a student is feeling unsure about how to find a job or where they are going, they can definitely come in anytime for help and advise, she said during the meeting.

The next USG meeting is Monday, March 31 at 7:30 P.M. in 308 Union.