International news is important

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Two of the courses I’m taking this semester require students to be somewhat aware of what is happening outside of our personal worlds.

For some, this is a new thing to be doing. For others, this is just fueling time spent looking at news sites and reading through tweets about what’s going on in the world.

While the general train of thought for some is that they don’t care about what’s going on in the international world, it’s still important to know a few things. At a glance, what is happening in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea is a huge mess and a bunch of political backstabbing, but it’s still important to at least know some of the information.

As the future leaders of the world, how can we not care about what is happening in the world? Eventually, we will have to be the people in charge that decide how foreign policy moves or if our companies should move into these countries that may or might not have good histories. While some of it will carry on into the future, not all of it will. It’s important that we remember these things, because past conflicts do come back in due time.

Eventually, we’ll be kicking ourselves when we want to talk about the missing plane in Malaysia or other big events.

International events are important, even if there is no direct affect to us in the long run.

Take a look at CNN or Fox, or whatever your preferred media is, and look at headlines. Maybe read parts of the story and remember what it says. Whatever you read and take away from that will help in the future, no matter how far away it seems.

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