Students work hard to represent school through sports, commitment

In Focus Editor and In Focus Editor

Competition is an important part of our everyday lives.

It is integrated into everything we do, to be the best and ahead of the others. We celebrate victories and the winners condemn the losers.

This In Focus features the role competition plays in the University when it comes to sports. We look at why it is so important for people to compete and how sports affect our school, from the budget to team performance.

Sports are a battle that is celebrated every day. In every cliché movie and book, the football players and other athletes competing in a sport are the popular ones. Why is it like that?

Another part of the section focuses on what it is really like to be a student athlete at the University. Is it all that it is glorified to be? They put in a lot of work to represent our school, and balancing academics and athletics has to be a priority for them.

Another part of sports in our school is who goes to see them play. Every student has the option to go and watch all the sporting events our athletes compete in, but there are some sports that are more popular than others. Football and hockey are the top two sports, and the numbers for attendance show that.

It just seems to be a part of our culture to compete and celebrate winning. Sports have always been a celebrated part of human history. Just look at the Olympics to see how important competition is for the world. It is a way to come together and cross boundaries, but at the same time support our own team and build nationalism.

It is used to show just how excellent the human body can be when it is trained and challenged, when athletes push their own bodies to perform better than anyone else.

The thrill of being on top and scoring the goal is one that our students can relate to well. I love watching our athletes compete and represent our school. The commitment that they show to their sport and the students is one that shouldn’t be underestimated.

All I can say is thank you to the athletes for using their talents and putting in hard work to help represent our school and good luck.