Do not forget friends

Davood Dadfar and Davood Dadfar

As someone who meets several different people on a regular basis, I can immediately notice the people who embrace me as a friend, an acquaintance or just someone to make him/herself feel better about themselves.

A summer vacation is a great way to discover the person who will be the individual to keep in touch and acknowledge you when you get back in the fall.

Too often people meet and network with individuals in college just to discard of them between years, semesters or personal progressions.

This practice usually carries forward throughout the rest of our lives if we adopt it early.

One of the few valuations you can put on a person is their circle of friends and the diversity among that group.

So why do people try to strip their connections and friendships periodically?

While I’m not a role model in this regard, I do acknowledge I’ve lost many valuable connections due to laziness, or lack of interest.

The simple truth is that maintaining several different friendships, and relations is costly and time consuming.

You would be amazed about some of the people I’ve met who I merely never kept in touch with again, only to see them fade away from my life forever.

The natural tendency for most people is to select friends who match their qualities and appear to be compatible. This method only yields a circle of friends that are similar to you.

As time passes it rewards the individual who is able to tolerate and maintain a wide array of friends and connections from all walks of life.

It’s true what Michael Corleone once said, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”

The moral of the above mentioned is to embrace the people who have entered your life in the past two semesters.

Even simple mannerisms like acknowledging people you’ve met as you walk on campus can help in retaining those connections.

It sounds trivial, but the best way to keep your friends close is to simply keep in touch.

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