Students should complete work, prove responsibility

Freedom in the classroom can be a great thing, but when due dates aren’t given does it offer too much independence.

One of the biggest challenges I have found being a college student is being viewed as a responsible adult and not as an irresponsible child that can’t deal with simple tasks.

Classes should not only prepare students how to be able to perform a job in a given major, but it should also teach responsibility, how to collaborate with other workers and how to conduct yourself in a work environment.

The problem with this is that some students are lacking in basic time management skills. I do my best to juggle my school, work and a social life.

I will be the first to admit that I am somewhat of a perfectionist when getting work done.

This means that no due dates in some of my classes is great for me.

I can take my time to complete my work without feeling stressed about having a time limit.

However, some students have a major problem with dealing with this kind of system.

This is the last week of class and some of my classmates are still complaining about having to get projects done that were assigned way before spring break.

The issue isn’t caused by them taking their time to complete these projects.

Instead they are using class time to complain about not having due dates and about how they are too crammed for time to get everything done by the end of the week.

Echoes in the classroom can be heard; saying things like “why should I complete this early in the semester?” or “this isn’t for a job so why should I worry about getting it done in a timely manner?”

The problem is that students need to get out of this mindset. What are they going to do when they get a job? Will they sit around and not work without a structured timeline?

They should be viewed as great chance of being treated like the responsible adults that college students should be.

So, next time you are treated with respect like a college student should be, prove to them that they made the right choice and that you are ready to thrive as a responsible individual.

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