Play follows bachelorette party gone wrong; features University students, alumni


Casey Toney, an actor in the play “Drunken City”, is a BGSU alumini and has performed in a variety of other plays and showings.

Corey Krupa and Corey Krupa

Though actor Casey Toney has been doing plays in Bowling Green for seven years, the crowd for his most recent play was “infectiously exuberant.”

Toney was in a production of “The Drunken City” hosted by Café Havana this weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The play featured University students, graduate students and alumni. Toney said the actors loved the exuberance and energy of the crowd.

“The Drunken City” is about a group of soon to be brides that travel to the city for a night out.

“The play is a bachelorette party gone wrong,” said Stage Manager Devon King. “It’s about relationships, figuring out yourself and where you want to go in life.”

The female actors in the play, Erin Williams, Holley Mosher and Kendra Beitzel are all in their 20s and drunkenly stumble upon two men of the same age who they recognize from their hometown.

Eddie, played by Christopher Eastland, is a dentist who loves to tap-dance. He brings his friend, a bank clerk named Frank [Casey Toney], out for a night on the town to help him get over a breakup.

Suddenly, Marnie [Holley Mosher] and Frank are playfully flirting and then abruptly kiss each other passionately. Their drunken affair continues through the majority of the play and is a big part of the story.

Their friends are shocked upon finding out and immediately call their friend and employer, a baker named Bob [Jarod Mariani], for help. Bob and Eddie eventually become attracted to one another.

“It was a definitely more of a comedy than anything else, but there was also some drama in there,” King said.

The play featured laughs and drama from the cast. The producer of the play, Jonathan Chambers, said the audience was at near capacity every night.

“We’ve had a really positive response from the community and tonight we were over capacity,” Chambers said.

The actors involved in the production fed off the crowd’s energy.

Actor Erin Williams agreed with the audience’s positive energy.

“The audience was great. They had a lot of energy and I feel so lucky to be apart of this amazing cast. I had a lot of fun doing this,” Williams said.

The performance lasted about 90 minutes and kept the audience entertained the entire time.

The Drunken City also featured a musical performance by actress Kendra Beitzel.

“The actors were incredible. This is a talented cast,” King said.