Dance team to host workshop, showcase

Pulse Editor and Pulse Editor

The Elem3nt Dance Team will host more than a performance at its showcase April 19.

The team will be bringing the community and surrounding areas together for a workshop and showcase performance at the Field House and Stroh Center respectively.

Although the dance team is known for its performances throughout the University, the workshop and showcase aims to give inspiration to younger dancers and raise health and wellness while also getting the community involved, said Kezia Reynolds, president of Elem3nt.

“We wanted to provide something for everyone to do something with us,” Reynolds said. “We want to show that we’re here not to just perform. We just want to interact with everyone and that we’re not just a dance team.”

The day will consist of performers from throughout the area to attend, local high school students to gain a different side of college experience and food and beverages will be provided.

The group hosted its first showcase last year and saw potential for the event to be an annual meeting.

Vice-President Jailyn Harris said the workshop before the showcase is for people to interact without the need to only perform.

“It’s a way to open up for the community,” Harris said. “We just want people to have fun.”

Junior Magen Greer is a member of Elem3nt and said the showcase will give high school dancers a chance to see that college doesn’t only have to be about reading books or studying for tests. It’s about witnessing passion from older dancers and interacting with those who are experienced.

“It’s going to be a good experience for [younger dancers],” Greer said. “It will give them experience to dance in front of other people and to inspire them to be proactive.”

Reynolds said the main reason in attempting to keep the yearly event going is to give new dancers insight into being on a team that isn’t cheerleading or any other ordinary team.

“We chose high schools in general because we’ve been there and we used to have dreams to just dance,” Reynolds said. “We just decided to give back to show you don’t need to go here.”

Tickets to attend the showcase are $7 at the door and $3 to attend the workshop earlier in the day. The group requires each individual to maintain a 2.5 GPA and anyone is eligible to join if they meet the requirement.