Library to be extend hours of operation during final two weeks

Once again, exam week is fast approaching, causing many students to stress about their final grades. Luckily, students can enjoy the benefits of Jerome library being open 24/5 during the last week of classes as well as exam week as they prepare to take their finals.

The University has been promoting this policy since the spring of 2013, said Cynthia Jones, a resource desk employee.

“A student from the Learning Commons conducted a gate count to find out when people were using and leaving the library,” Jones said. “During these last two weeks, we noticed that students were staying here up until close.”

In order to allow the students full access to the library and provide them with a study space, the library’s extended hours will continue until the end of the year and during these weeks in the years to come.

Sunday through Thursday, the library will be open 24/5; that is, 24 hours a day/5 days a week.

With exams quickly approaching, the library employees had a few tips for students.

1.) Make use of the Learning Commons. Help is available if you need it.

2.) Choose a quiet place to study, away from distractions

3.) Take frequent breaks – you need them.

4.) Come into your study session prepared – do not come hungry, tired or without your materials

5.) Even though the library is open 24 hours, sleep is key to success