Embracing a new beginning of life

Taylor Freyer and Taylor Freyer

Often, we try to live our lives in a routine. It is a simple, safe, and a familiar way of living. Yet, at certain times, our lives become unpredictable.

In reality, life is constantly changing and we’re changing with it.

No matter what we may think, everyone changes in some way. We’re not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago, or even a week ago.

The cycle of life never stops, but every ending creates a new beginning.

New beginnings bring a rollercoaster of emotions through excitement, happiness, fear and worry.

Although at times it may seem easier to just give up after experiencing different situations in life, there are ways to approach these new obstacles with positive strategies to avoid feeling defeated by them.

First, take things one day at a time. Sure, it seems simple, but when experiencing new beginnings in your life you often look at the big picture, leading it to seem overwhelming. Slow down and dissect it. You’ll realize it’s easier to tackle it in smaller pieces.

Secondly, have an open mind. It’s easier said than done, but challenge yourself to remain positive. As each situation will impact your life differently, you have the power to determine its outcome.

Thirdly, be courageous. The famous saying, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,” could not be more meaningful when attempting to face your fears. Don’t let fear keep you from accomplishing goals you’ve set for your life. Believe in yourself.

Fourthly, trust yourself. Out of all the people in the world, you know yourself the best. You know your strengths and weaknesses, and you also know your past mistakes. Let these guide you in moving forward in new situations.

Lastly, embrace the changes in your life. Remind yourself that you are lucky enough to experience new opportunities in your life and give yourself the chance to enjoy these changes. Allow yourself to take the next step in your new path to a great life.

I understand it’s not always simple, but it is important to remember that today is not just another day. Take each day as a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning and embrace it because tomorrow is never certain.

After the end of a successful 2013-14 school year here at the University, consider the summer of 2014 your new beginning.

Accept new challenges, explore different opportunities and embrace every moment of the changes in your life.

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