Center for Leadership works with organizations to teach skills

Raven Rush and Raven Rush

The Center for Leadership program is looking for students to fill the Student Leadership Assistant positions for the 2014-2015 school year.

The CFL creates workshops on campus to teach other students leadership skills like teamwork, dealing with group conflicts and public speaking.

CFL is a new program on campus started last school year and based on the Civil Action Leaders group, said Anna Voinovich, one of CFL’s leadership assistants.

Voinovich said the position can be filled by freshman all the way up to seniors.

“We have a lot of diversity,” said Claire Austin, the graduate supervisor of the assistant position.

The program follows five basic competencies: development, purpose, global citizenship, integrity and inclusion. Their goal is to enhance these kinds of skills in other students through workshops, along with the Leadership Certificate Program, which is the first step in becoming a Student Leadership Assistant.

Students with demonstrated or potential leadership skills on campus is what CFL look for in possible candidates.

Assistants make flyers and use different applications with computers as part of the job. Future SLA’s need to have accountability, motivation and good communication skills, said Kim Zaccaro, a student leader.

Immerging leaders on campus are encouraged to apply so that CFL can bring out more potential in those students.

Austin said she enjoys her job, mostly because of the changes the students leaders go through throughout the year.

“I enjoy challenging and bettering them,” Austin said. “Seeing them grow as a result.”

CFL has done 18 events so far this semester and plans to do many more.

Groups and organizations can request CFL to customize workshops specific to their cause.

Austin said CFL works often with different sororities, but wants more groups and organizations on campus to take advantage of what the workshops have to offer.

“We actually have a workshop set up with Chi Omega and our assistant made a Chi Omega puzzle to use during the workshop,” Austin said.

After a group requests a workshop, the assistant consults with the group to see exactly what kind of skills they are looking to learn.

Being in CFL also gives students an opportunity to work professionally in an office environment because there is an office space in room 201 in the Union for members to work at.

This program can also help with job applications and interviews. Zaccaro recently had a job interview, and frequently talked about her involvement with CFL.

Zaccaro is pursuing a career in Student Affairs, so she said CFL gives her experience in that field.

“I brought up the peer review process we go through as SLA’s,” Zaccaro said. “We can sit in on each other’s presentations for helpful feedback. It’s great.”

The last day to apply for this position is March 3, 2014. To apply, visit for more information.