The BG News compiled cost-saving strategies for staying warm during winter

Tiffany Howze and Tiffany Howze

The winter season in Bowling Green has, for some, been unpredictable, unbearable and possibly expensive. Some students off campus may have found it hard to keep up with skyrocketing gas and electric bills stemming from trying to stay warm.

The BG News compiled a list of ways for students and residents to cut costs while staying warm for the winter provided by DeAnna Beeker and LuAnn Hunt, customer service specialists at the city utilities division.

-Keep the thermostat at the same temperature

-Put plastic over the windows to seal in the heat and keep the cold draft from coming into the apartment or house

-Fold towels and place them in front of the doors to seal gaps

-Cut back on usage of space heaters; they use a lot of power

For those looking for a do-it-yourself fix to keep the heating bill down, Theresa Star, sales associate at Home Depot, explained the tools necessary to complete the job:

• Owens Corning Fiber Glass Insulation, which is used to create thermal insulation within the home. It can be placed in attics, indoor porches and in the place of cracks and seals

• Sealant spray to seal gaps and cracks by doors and windows

• Weatherstrips can be used to seal the windows to prevent a draft