Organization encourages students to participate in bucket list

Jon Stinchcomb and Jon Stinchcomb

While no one seems to know for sure where the “BGSU Bucket List” originated, yourFellowFalcon [yFF] has made it their own.

Like any bucket list, but with a college twist, participating students are tasked with completing every item throughout their four years on campus before they graduate.

“This ‘Bucket List’ has existed for a long time,” said Brandi Barhite, assistant director of the Student Enrollment Communication Center. “We don’t know who originally put it together.”

“However, [yFF] took it and updated it a bit and have been distributing it and organizing events around the list for the past few years,” she said.

The list that yourFellowFalcon, a student organization whose goal is to create a more welcoming campus, has updated includes a variety of fun social activities, in categories anywhere from food, sports, arts, school spirit and more.

The organization also hosts the events, said Charlie Wyraz, a yFF student manager.

“This past summer we asked our Facebook friends what we should change about the bucket list,” Wyraz said. “So we updated it and revamped it. We try to plan events at least once a month.”

Although all the events can be done around the area, it is not something students should expect to check off completely in a short time.

Some bucket lists sets some lofty aspirations, and this one is no exception. The revamped list has over 70 items, some easier than others, which all try to create a friendly, more social environment on campus and among the

broader community.

“yFF has many different initiatives from DiyFF to Random Acts of Kindness,” Wyraz said. “So the ‘Bucket List’ is just one of

our initiatives.”

Sometimes they can knock out two birds with one stone.

“Our last bucket list event we combined two items on the bucket list ‘walking across campus in the autumn leaves with Starbucks coffee’ and ‘take pictures on the Thinker statue,’” she said. “We also bought Starbucks for everyone in line as a Random Act of Kindness.”

The most recent yFF Bucket List event was a bowling night.

“We like to choose events that a lot of people are able to come to, like this past week we went bowling at Al-Mar Lanes,” Wyraz said. “We reserved a bunch of lanes and had a

great turnout.”

Clarissa Beavers, an attending student, said the bowling event was her first of the yFF Bucket List.

“I thought it was a really great turnout,” Beavers said. “There were a lot of BGSU students there and multicultural students as well. It was a great way to bring in diversity.”