University listed in Princeton review as one of top green schools in nation

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The University made it on Princeton review’s list of “322 Green Colleges” list for the second year in a row.

The list, which is in no particular order, accepts applicant schools based on commitment to sustainability and environmental causes.

According to Nick Hennessy, University director of sustainability, said the University’s signing of the President’s Climate Commitment and its dedication to LEED certification of buildings were huge factors in getting on the list.

“Those are some of the things that moved us from the ‘great job, you’re not quite there,’ to the ‘congratulations’ category,” Hennessy said.

Some student groups have criticized the University’s sustainability record. As mentioned in a panel on clean energy two weeks ago during No Impact Week, the University purchases a large portion of its electricity from the city of Bowling Green, which in turn buys 60 percent of their power from coal as of 2010.

Hennessy said the source of the University’s electricity is important, but students should keep in mind how to use it.

“Our source of electricity … is going to remain constant or relatively constant for a while,” he said. “Let’s use less of it.”

Hennessy said the University’s inclusion on the list will help improve recruitment of new students.

“They can look and they can see what the school has [that] it also has a ranking of how green it is,” Hennessy said. “It’s attractive to parents and students.”