Ziggycart offers rides, trivia to students

Kendra Clark and Kendra Clark

If students were wishing for rides to class on campus Monday and Tuesday of Homecoming Week, their wishes may have been granted by Ziggycart.

Ziggycart is a golf cart that students drove around campus to offer other students rides to classes. In order to get a ride, students had to answer trivia questions along the way to their destinations.

“Ziggycart started last year and it was like Cash Cab,” said Mariah Burkhart, major events co-chair for the Homecoming Student Steering Committee. “We have ‘celebrities’ ask questions to the students that ride, like coaches or people from the Office of Campus Activities.”

The questions were based off the University’s history and current facts, she said. When riders answered questions correctly, they earned prizes before being dropped off.

“Every person also got a prize who rode so it was more like a participation prize,” she said.

The prizes included necklaces, foam fingers, wristbands and orange and brown beads.

Orientation Leader Jessica Deshong was a driver this year for Ziggycart and said the expereince was fun.

“I was asking questions and most of the people know all the answers,” she said.

While some students approached the cart to ask for rides, Deshong stopped others to ask if they wanted rides, she said.

“It was rewarding to see how much students know about BG,” Deshong said. “I got excited that they knew the answers and the whole thing got me excited for Homecoming.”

Kayla Patterson, the other co-chair of major events on HSSC, said they chose to bring Ziggycart back this year because it had a purpose.

“We had a Build-A-Bear in the Union but students weren’t getting anything besides a bear,” Patterson said. “There was a lot of positive feedback last year from the drivers to the faculty that helped.”

Ziggycart is just one of many events the University is offering this week for students to celebrate Homecoming.

Burkhart said she was excited for the BG’s Got Talent show, which is today from 7-9 p.m. in room 101 of Olscamp Hall.

“It’s different this year,” Burkhart said. “Last year, anyone could sign up but this year it’s more focused on student organizations so it’s not so repetitive.”

Another event on Thursday is the Falcon Flick, which is a movie night playing Remember the Titans in the Union Movie Theater at 8 p.m.

“There will be popcorn, soft pretzels and ice cream there for students,” Patterson said. “The movie is a classic sports movie so it fits really well.”

Could you answer these questions asked in the Ziggycart?

What is the name of the library?

How many colleges does the school offer?

How many members are in SICSIC?

What does SICSIC mean?

Who is the president of the University?