University College of Business recognized globally through various awards, ratings, accreditations

Kendra Clark and Kendra Clark

The College of Business has accumulated a number of recognitions and awards over the years and that list is still growing to this day.

To name some, the college achieved gold standards in accreditation in business and accounting. It also was ranked in the Bloomberg Businessweek’s “Best Undergraduate Business Schools” 2014 edition as the top 5 percent of business schools in the country. It also ranked the accounting program number one in the state.

The college was also rated number two among business colleges in Ohio by The Princeton Review.

New this year, the Bloomberg ranked the entrepreneurship program number 51 in the country.

Dean of the College of Business Raymond Braun said these awards help the college with the students and staff.

“It helps us to enroll quality students and to attract and retain high quality staff,” he said. “It also helps with alumni support because they are proud of the accomplishments.”

The recognition also helps because great employers want to recruit our students, he said.

“I am proud we have attained a high ranking for our business education,” Braun said.

Director of the Dallas-Hamilton Center Kirk Kern helped create the ranked entrepreneurship program with Braun.

Some of the events the program puts on include The Hatch and Global Entrepreneurship Week, which he said any student is welcome to attend.

The program, Kern said, has received such attention, that he was invited to present in England and stand along side of other schools such as Harvard and Stanford.

“It makes our College so much bigger and more competitive,” said Student Ambassador Raven Aurand. “For small town Bowling green to see how much of an impact we can make.”

Aurand said she didn’t know about the awards the college had when she started school.

“It felt awesome when I found out,” she said. “I didn’t realize the extent of how awesome it is.

However, that doesn’t mean to Braun that the work is done.

“We want to continually improve our program,” he said. “There is always room for improvement and then our rankings will get even higher.”

He also stressed that the achievements the College of Business has also reflects well onto the University as a whole, as well as its students.

“We are a part of Bowling Green State University and our successes are successes of Bowling Green,” he said. “It’s not just an isolated piece; we want to welcome all faculty, staff and students to participate.”

Almost all of the events in the entrepreneurship program and general business college are open to all students to attend, not just students in the College of Business, he said.