Students find various locations to study

Brandon Shrider and Brandon Shrider

When students first step on a college campus, they may be looking forward to campus organizations, nightlife or meeting new people, but they often forget the need to keep their grades up as well.

Studying in college can be a daunting task for incoming freshmen, whether it be due to blowing assignments off in high school or not having their family and friends around to help, it’s not something easily mastered in college.

Thus, many students seek out optimal places in which they feel comfortable in order to finish their schoolwork. These can include places both on and off campus.

A popular place to study off campus is the Starbucks on E. Wooster Street. Students like the laid back atmosphere, the free Wi-Fi, the early-to-late hours and of course the coffee. This environment is ideal for learning and many students take advantage of this.

Another popular place to study, weather permitting, is the campus lawn. Many students find that the fresh air and the crowd across campus keeps them relaxed, motivated and on task. While this would not be the most fitting option during the winter, an array of students take the opportunity at the beginning and end of the school year.

Relatively new to campus, but useful amongst students is the Learning Commons. Located in the library, the Learning Commons is a valuable resource open Sunday through Thursday. While students can study alone, the Commons offers various undergraduate and graduate students who have performed well in specific classes prior. This aid from fellow students is a bonus that many students express as the best perk for studying at the Commons.

An another place to study, the Bowen-Thompson Student Union is one very poplar amongst students. It is centrally located on campus, allowing students to study at any time of the day while being close to both food courts and classes. The Union features a copy machine, the student bookstore and helpful hours open until 2 a.m. every day of the week.

Lastly, many students still prefer to study in their own room. Whether it is in their apartment or dorm room, students still appreciate the solitude that their own room offers. They have better control of the noise and activity around that could be bothersome, while being able to study at their own pace.