Takeout boxes not available in 2 dining halls

Abby Welsh and Abby Welsh

There are no new plans for takeout boxes at either one of the All You Can Eat dining halls anytime soon.

Carillon and The Oaks, now open for more than two years, allow students to pay one price to eat anything they want. These are the only AYCE facilities on campus.

Students are allowed to stay as long as they want to socialize or do homework when they are finished eating.

“The purpose of these dining halls was to prevent taking your food home and eating in your room, but instead to create a sense of community and coming together,” said Mike Paulus, director of Dining Services.

Because the two facilities have not been open that long, there is not enough data to determine whether or not takeout boxes would be a good option yet.

“If anything it would cost [Dining Services] more money to buy the boxes, extra food, walking in and out, etc. It just is not feasible at the moment,” Paulus said. “It would not bring us in any extra income at all.”

However, Paulus and the rest of Dining Services do not think it won’t ever happen, just not right now.

“Never say never,” Paulus said. “We review annually and look at it carefully. The longer the term, or longer a dining hall has been open, the more accurate the data will be.”

Freshman Chloe Alt said takeout boxes would be a good idea, but understands why they aren’t available for students just yet.

“They are the only places you can eat a lot at once without have to actually pay for more,” Alt said. “Plus, everywhere else, like all of the dining halls, have the option to take food with you.”

Junior Chase Leedy agrees with Alt, but also thinks the option should be available.

“If I have class near by [one of those dining halls] it would be nice to grab a [takeout] box,” Leedy said. “But I don’t think it is that big of a deal because there are lots of other options [on campus].”

Even though the plan for takeout boxes at the AYCE facilities are on hold for the moment, doesn’t mean there won’t be any changes for students to look forward too.

“I can’t say anything yet, but there will be a broader opportunity for use [soon for students],” Paulus said.

Dining Services will be “creating a new platform with changes for fall of 2014,” he said.

Check out The BG News throughout the semester to see what changes Paulus and the Dining Services team have in store for next year for students.