Grammys don’t always get it right

Terrin Bates and Terrin Bates

Well, the Grammys are over.

The awards have been passed out, the performers have performed and everything is back to normal.

Too bad things are not actually normal.

No, this year at the Grammy Awards, there were many awkward and eye-catching turns of events. It all started when Beyoncé and Jay-Z opened the show with her sleazy hit, “Drunk in Love.”

To be honest, I think it was a poor choice for the Grammys, but I love the song and I couldn’t look away from the screen.

I was very impressed by a number of performers, including John Legend, Miranda Lambert and Billie Armstrong, Daft Punk with Pharrell and Stevie Wonder, as well as Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons.

I’ll get back to Lamar, but can we talk about Taylor Swift? For the first time in a long time, she walked away Grammy-less.

Also, her performance of “All Too Well” was hilarious with all the head-banging. I’m surprised she didn’t get whiplash.

Now moving on from the performances; there were a lot of well-deserved wins. Daft Punk and Pharrell won Record of the Year for “Get Lucky.”

Lorde won Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year for “Royals,” but her acceptance speeches were a little on the strange side.

I guess being a 17-year-old new artist from New Zealand brings about awkward nerves when accepting a Grammy.

Despite all the great moments that occurred at the Grammys, there were a few frustrating moments, some of which occurred before the telecast.

During the pre-telecast, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis swept all of the rap categories, beating out Lamar.

Twitter went into a frenzy, with tweets criticizing their wins over Lamar.

They also won the coveted Best New Artist category, again beating out Lamar.

Macklemore later posted on Instagram a picture of a text conversation with Lamar, saying that he was robbed and clearly had the better rap album.

He called in to the Hot 97 radio station the next morning expressing the same views. He said winning was “the blessing and the curse” and that they had more of an advantage because of their success in sales, radio and in the industry overall.

I completely agree with Macklemore and I am actually surprised he opened up about this.

I thought he would keep quiet and celebrate his victory, but the fact that he feels so strongly about robbing Lamar is shocking to me and only reinforces my opinion that sometimes the Grammys don’t get it right.

Despite all of that, I enjoyed the Grammy Awards and I look forward to next year, when Beyoncé takes over yet again.

Here’s to a great year in music.

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