Students take to Twitter to invite celebrity to Dance Marathon

University students may have a chance to meet Ellen DeGeneres at this year’s Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon is trending #BGDMNeedsEllen to draw DeGeneres’ attention.

Director of Dance Marathon Jon Day said one of the reasons DeGeneres was chosen was the fact that she is responsive to fans on Twitter.

“If someone gets her attention, she’s usually going to respond,” he said.

Day said he and other members of Dance Marathon trended the hashtag by telling their friends and asking them to tweet it.

The response from the community was surprising, said Assistant Director of Internal Affairs Holly Hemminger.

The twitter campaign was going to be officially announced January 29 at a meeting, but Hemminger said students “just attacked [the hashtag],” sending out a large number of tweets.

Hemminger is glad the campaign has had such a big response from students and hopes Dance Marathon gets even “the smallest kind of notice” from DeGeneres.