Social media to move into professional workspace

Davood Dadfar and Davood Dadfar

2014 is the year social media will invade our professional lives.

In the past decade, the typical college student has seen trends from cell phone to iPods invade their personal space.

I believe that social media will become the most lucrative, testing our qualifications for future job positions and setting us apart from the norm.

The importance of social media in today’s age doesn’t come with our ability to understand how to make a Facebook page or a Twitter account, but with the ability to communicate effectively through such mediums on behalf of other parties’ objectives.

When most college students hear social media they think of their personal Facebook or Twitter accounts, yet a few think of the value companies like Coca-Cola or Zara place on their public profiles.

These same companies set the value of their social media presence at astonishing figures.

Today, companies are testing marketing and communication graduates with entry-level jobs that test their ability to utilize the resource and create a worthwhile return on investment.

Remember that saying the job you’re likely to be placed in doesn’t exist yet?

There’s a good chance that job may utilize social media in some shape or form and it’s slowly coming into existence.

Snapchat’s recent bid by Facebook for $3 billion shows that social media cannot only serve as a recreational tool, but also that of high level security purposes.

It’s not hard to believe that through social media we’ll be able to make more use of data and create a more efficient business environment. The truth remains that there is still plentiful opportunity for students of all backgrounds who are looking to enter the job market.

Current generation students should harness their familiarity with social media to work to their advantage. Much of this opportunity and potential has been created by the fear and misunderstanding of elder generations, who don’t fully understand social media and frown upon its placement in society today.

By welcoming this opportunity students will be able to venture new endeavors and solve problems like never before.

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