Panda Express rumors false

Raven Rush and Raven Rush

Panda Express won’t be on the “take out menu” any time soon.

There were rumors that Panda would be replaced after this year but Mike Paulus, director of Dining Services, said there is no truth to the rumor.

Not only is Panda a big hit at the University, Paulus said other universities’ students tend to enjoy it as well.

“I’ve experienced Panda on other campuses,” Paulus said. “They have consistent and quality products.”

Dining Services does its best to keep the students satisfied with food choices.

The students are the heart of food service and their reactions to the food are the basis of operations.

“It all starts with the students,” Paulus said. “I just deal with the food.”

If Panda starts to decline in profit more than normal, then adjustments will be made, along with surveys to find out the best option to fill the space. If the students don’t like something anymore, it will be replaced.

Paulus said Dining Services determines how popular each food option is by viewing statistics done throughout the year.

“I think it’s popular, the line is usually long,” freshman Matty Garlough said.

Paulus said Steak Escape is on its way downhill and has been since this past school year.

There are some students that think Steak Escape is still busy, but the wait time is the worst part of the experience.

“The line gets ridiculous,” senior Josh Sayles said. “They are incredibly slow for sure.”

Steak Escape has been at the University for 10 years, so it has almost run its course, Paulus said.

But Panda is still in its prime since it was added to the Union in 2012.

Most food chains refresh after five years, so Panda has plenty of time to keep gaining popularity, Paulus said.

Transfer student senior Kate Andrew said she is always seeing people with Panda.

“Either Panda or Marco’s are the most popular,” Andrew said. “And I’ve only had Steak Escape once.”

If Dining Services were to replace Panda, Andrew suggested adding a KFC because Bowling Green already has McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell right near campus.

Freshman Laurel Hursh hasn’t even heard the rumor.

“I think they get enough business,” Hursh said.