Accidents create friction

Lydia Scott and Lydia Scott

Accidents happen. That’s why they’re called accidents—because they don’t happen on purpose.

Even though they aren’t intentional, accidents can still hurt and cause frustrations because most of the time, if common sense is used, accidents are preventable.

For example, my car was legally parked in front of my mom’s house and her neighbor backed out of the driveway and hit my car, knocking my back bumper off.

The lady had no intention of hitting my car, but it has caused me a massive amount of grief even though it was an accident.

You have to deal with accidents like anything else you’d deal with. You have to be forgiving and understanding.

Was it fair of her to hit my car? No, it was not.

Was there any way of preventing the accident? Yes, there was.

This is the cause of my frustration because even though it was an accident, it was preventable simply by using a rearview mirror.

I get so fed up trying to understand the logic behind people who act without thinking that it makes me dizzy.

Accidents, though infuriating at times, are forgivable.

The lady who hit my car was at fault, but she didn’t intentionally strike my car. Therefore, it required very little of me to forgive her actions.

Forgiveness is important if we want to be able to move on and this is one occurrence I don’t want to hold onto forever.

Plus, there seems to always be a small silver lining in all accidents, if nothing else.

The silver lining of this car accident was that no one was hurt. It is an extreme bonus for me that I wasn’t in the car and neither was my boyfriend or his brother. The fact that the other woman was not hurt adds a nice plus to the situation as well.

Another big factor of dealing with an accident is being understanding.

Yes, anger flares up when people make mistakes sometimes. But you have to realize, with a rational mind, that you can’t lash out at the person making the mistake.

I was very upset that she hit my car, but I was respectful of her and made sure I treated her with kindness by trying to understand her lack of common sense. I am still angry, but I realize that accidents aren’t something that always make sense. But that doesn’t mean they were done with malice.

I’ve learned to make sure you always act with dignity and respect when dealing with people who cause accidents.

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