Recreation center offers yoga classes to students

Toby Flemming and Toby Flemming

The Student Recreation Center offers many opportunities for students to exercise and yoga is a popular choice.

Senior Danielle Trauth-Jurman has taught yoga classes at the rec center for three years. She said yoga is a practice more than a sport and anyone can do it.

“I think for a beginner you have to find the right class but it is definitely welcome to all levels and open to all people,” she said.

Yoga is a meditative movement practice that combines body and mind. In its full form, yoga combines physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation and a distinct philosophy.

Trauth-Jurman said that compared to other activities like weight lifting, yoga is a bit more friendly to the body. Certain yoga practices can even help reduce body pain.

“A lot of people get injured, have back pain and they’ll come to yoga because they’ve gotten injured playing sports or doing other things,” she said.

For senior Katie Terry, yoga is a way of switching off from the world for an hour.

“I don’t have to do anything,” she said. “No one talks to me, no one deals with anything. It’s completely freeing of mind and body and you don’t have to deal with the daily routine.”

She also prefers yoga to high-paced physical exercise because it is relaxing and she can exercise within a group but at her own pace.

Freshman Francesca Leo started doing yoga in high school. She said it was her mom who first introduced her to yoga.

“I started going with her to classes and I just fell in love it,” she said. “I like that it disconnects me for an hour. I’m away from my phone, I’m away from all of my responsibilities and I can really just focus on bettering myself for an hour.”

Leo said the overall feeling of her body has improved since she started.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger and a lot more flexible and just overall relaxed,” she said.

Trauth-Jurman said yoga does not use hand weights, but students learn to hold their own body weight.

“A lot of machines isolate body parts and yoga kind if incorporates a lot of things,” she said.

The average yoga class size at the rec center is about 10 students. Trauth-Jurman said the majority of her students are female.

“At the rec center it seems like yoga is more appealing to girls and boys think that they can’t do yoga or they’re not flexible enough so they are afraid to come,” she said. “But I have a lot of boys ask me ‘Do other guys come?’ because I think they want to come but they just don’t want to be the only guy there.”

Leo said she would recommend yoga to her friends and fellow students, especially if they are experiencing stress or just feel overwhelmed with things that are going on in their lives.

“It’s a really great way to not only get some exercise but just really focus on being you and focus on the present instead of what you have to do in the future,” Leo said. “It’s really non-judgmental and there are all different levels and you just work at your own pace.”

Yoga classes are offered at the rec center throughout the week.