USG looks to increase COVID communication across campus


usg report 9/1 – Graphic by Hallie Riley

Nia Lambdin and Nia Lambdin

Academic Affairs Chairperson Zachary Noesen held a first reading of Senate Resolution 10 to the Undergraduate Student Government on March 21.

The resolution’s goals are to increase communication among BGSU staff and students regarding masking, hosting a meeting between Ben Batey and others to outline what is to be done next and to have BGSU continue to provide masks on campus for free.

Noesen said, “the number one thing I am hoping to gain, if and when it’s passed, is just a more direct line of communication between immunocompromised or otherwise at risk folks and the administration, specifically, the Chief Health Officer, Ben Batey.”

In order to further this resolution, Noesen plans on getting opinions from the specific demographic of the Bowling Green campus that is immunocompromised. 

Noesen said, “I thought it would be more purposeful and intentional would be to get this to have specific ideas and opinions to implement.” 

College of Arts and Sciences senator, Rose Brookhart, explained that some of the purpose of S.R. 10 is so to take some of the pressure off students who require certain classroom conditions due to medical problems. 

Brookhart said, “if you have a medical condition you as a student shouldn’t be wholly responsible for the communication between you and your professor for example. So, this would just be to kind of discuss how the university could provide some outlets for immunocompromised people as we move forward.”

President of USG, Alex Chiarelott, spoke this week with President Rodney Rodgers about COVID numbers on campus and within the Bowling Green community. 

Chairelott found out that BGSU campus has reported two students and one faculty member who are positive for COVID-19. 

Elections for USG starts Monday, March 28 at 8 a.m. and ends on Thursday, March 31 at 8 a.m. 

Details about the USG election can be found on the BGSU USG website