USG transitions leadership at banquet: Zachary Noesen, Rose Brookhart assume roles as president, VP

Nia Lambdin and Nia Lambdin

On April 4, USG hosted their end-of-the-year banquet to say their goodbyes and welcome the new presidency. 

The event was filled with food, commemorative videos and speeches given by outgoing President and Vice President Alex Chiarelott and Gil Lutz. 

Lutz spoke about his four years in USG and how his vice presidency created a newfound passion for sustainability and respect for Dr. Nick Henessey. 

“I’m really proud of the events that we’ve planned and executed over this last year to increase student engagement. I’m currently proud of us switching to really challenging initiatives that seemed really daunting and facing them head-on. We’ve also been more conscious of student workers and their issues and concerns,” Lutz said.

Chiarelott also touched on his four years involved with USG and how during his presidency, USG gas put on multiple food drives and charity walks and passed resolutions to help the BGSU. 

Chiarelott acknowledged he struggled to complete one of his main goals: gas cards for student teachers. However, he has hope that President Zachary Noesen and Vice President Rose Brookhart will be able to complete this goal during their time.

“(Noesen and Brookhart have) been really passionate about kind of continuing a lot of what we started … I know Zach and Rose are really confident in their ability to pick that up and I’m confident that they’ll be able to do it,” Chiarelott said.

Noesen said he plans to continue this effort.

“A lot of our initiatives really blend nicely into Alex and Gil’s administration initiatives, mainly some of our student labor initiatives,” Noesen said.

After Chiarelott and Lutz wrapped up their goodbyes, they swore in the new President Noesen and Vice President Brookhart in front of the banquet attendants. 

“It was a really wonderful banquet. It was really wonderful to celebrate everything that the seniors and all the members of USG accomplished and Zach and I are really excited to get the next year started,” Brookhart said.

Noesen plans to continue collaboration across campus as the main goal during his presidency. 

“I think the one thing I wanted to sort of hone in on the most while I was speaking was that collaboration aspect of it. I think that’s going to be such a huge part of our administration next year, working with as many campus organizations,” Noesen said.

The new administration will also be working on improving working conditions on campus, working with dining services and improving accessibility.