Verizon to build wireless distribution system to campus

Kendra Clark and Kendra Clark

Students and residents who carry Verizon will see a boost in their Internet next year.

The University is planning on putting in a wireless distribution system that will increase Internet connection for Verizon users.

University Director of Business Operations Andrew Grant described the system as a number of small antennas that will enhance the 4G coverage on and off campus.

The construction for the system is planned to start this spring and is tentatively scheduled to be finished before fall semester.

“The building containing the core of their technology will be located east of I-75 next to the Huntington Building,” he wrote in an email. “The antennas will be located on a variety of buildings throughout campus.”

Planning Director for the city Heather Sayler said this all started about a year ago when Verizon came to the city and wanted to construct a tower near the I-75 exchange.

“Officials were upset with the aesthetics of the plan,” she said. “They didn’t want the tower to be the first thing you see when you enter the city. So we started working with the University for a solution.”

Sayler said this is good because both residents and students can gain from the system being built.

“This is a great benefit for everyone who uses wireless communication,” she said.

People who don’t use Verizon may also like this system, because they are building it with the capability to add more carriers if they choose to use it, she said.

“The system will already be in place for them to use,” Slayer said.

Grant wrote a variety of reasons why the University would benefit from the new system.

“This system is focused on capabilities surrounding data, not phone, so it will increase bandwidth, streaming video, text capabilities and prepare us for the future surrounding 4G wireless technology,” he wrote. “It will help the more populated areas on campus access 4G data faster such as at sporting events, graduation…”

In all, residents and students may benefit in this process.