Popular trivia game, Trivia Crack, helps raise awareness of Women’s History Month


Trivia Crack

Seth Weber and Seth Weber

Thursday night, students got a chance to raise money for a philanthropy by playing trivia.

The University’s TOMS club hosted Trivia Crack live, a game based on the popular trivia app.

The idea for the event was born when TOMS club President Rodrigo Patterson was playing trivia at a restaurant and thought it would be a good idea for an event.

“Who doesn’t like trivia?” Patterson said.

The event began at 7:30 p.m. in Olscamp hall 117.

Groups of students registered for $8 a team, most of which were representing an organization, such as Undergraduate Student Government or Alpha Phi Omega.

Sophomore Zach Beach, a member of Alpha Phi Omega, said if his team wins they will put some of the money towards Dance Marathon.

“I love trivia games in general, so it’s a cool way to make money,” he said.

Beach said he’d been preparing for the event by “scanning trivia

facts online.”

Sigma Alpha Epsilon joined to donate to the Cocoon Shelter, said sophomore Trent Grohe. He said he was interested in the event because he wanted to support a good cause and liked trivia.

“I just like to play Trivia Crack,” he said. “It’s a fun game.”

Anyone could register, and didn’t have to be a member of an organization, Patterson said.

“If a group of friends want to come they can think of a cause to donate to,” he said.

“The purpose of this is to raise awareness of Women’s History Month,” Patterson said.

Drinks were available for 50 cents, pizza for $1 and Cookie Jar for $2.

Questions from different categories were asked and each team had to submit an answer, and could buy hints for $1.

All the money collected for the event was given to the winner for their charity of choice, and Cookie Car gift cards were given for second and third place.

Students could also bring canned food or women’s sanitary products for seven extra answer sheets.

140 questions were prepared and tested before the event, Patterson said.

“A month ago we had a practice round to test it. Everyone who attended loved it,” he said. “We fact checked [the questions] as much as possible.”

TOMS will be hosting the event again at Dance Marathon.

A team made up of members of University Activities Organization and USG won game one with 125 points and donated their winnings to the Cocoon Shelter.

“It was a really fun event,” said junior Rachel Davis, a UAO member on the team. “They organized it extremely well. I’m really impressed.”

Patterson said he was pleased with the way the event turned out and is excited to do it again.

“We know what to do different next time,” he said. “It’s definitely a

learning process.”