New student organization, helps students through difficult times

Last semester a new organization called Kairos was formed at the University.

“Kairos the word stands for Seize the Moment,” said Jamie Kertes, Kairos treasurer.

Overall it is an organization based around God and what he has planned for each person in their life.

“Kairos is a Bible study, but at its core it is a life class with a foundation in Christ. The principles taught in the study not only help us to understand our own personal relationship with Christ but equip us with how to live out each day with the fullness God intended for us all,“ said Monica Wright, a Kairos leader and the lead coordinator.

Every other Tuesday evening members meet together to speak about a particular topic and openly discuss their thoughts and beliefs about God. The main goal of this organization is to understand what God has planned for them and being able to follow that plan.

“We had just finished the topic of life transitions and listening to the signs and following what God has put in front of us,” said Kertes.

The organization meets with Pastor Tony to learn even more about God and to open up to him about any issues they are seeking guidance for.

“He understands that everyone makes mistakes, and he is excited to talk with us and help us become closer with God,” said Haley Schrock, a member of Kairos.

Being in this group helps members gain a new insight about Christ and what he has to offer each individual.

“I have learned to think about things from a different viewpoint. Personally, I am able to look at life as a series of shifts and processes now, and the choices I make will ultimately represent who I am as I person,” said Schrock.

Every member learns more each week by asking not only themselves questions about their life, but also by asking others. Someone may be going through a difficult time that another person has experienced so they can share things to help one another.

“Kairos offers an inviting environment for all and provides the freedom and ability to ask and answer as individuals feel moved to do so,” said Wright.

This organization is open to all students and was created to help college students get through any difficult times that they may be encountering. The group said they want to help each student as they are becoming adults and gaining new responsibilities.

“For those who are unsure about joining, Kairos is not strictly a Bible study based on reading scripture and understanding it. Pastor Tony does a great job of helping us find God by talking about issues that relate to our lives as college students … we are all having a good time learning how to live as better people,” said Schrock.