Student Recreation Center offers women-only exercise class

A women-only exercise class offered by the Student Recreation Center provides women a way to train without feeling intimidated by men.

Women on Weights is a progressive course offered by the SRC to allow training specifically for women. The class is a six-week program that is held bi-weekly. Each Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the class is instructed by Kate Tribble and increases intensity with each class.

This class was created with the belief that women sometimes feel intimidated by men while working out, and the SRC sought to find an accommodating solution to this issue. While this course is offered to students, the faculty and staff of the University primarily take it.

While the enrollment of this class is successful, there are no current plans to expand on developing more women-only exercise classes.

“Our group fitness pass is primarily women, and that offers a vigorous exercise that a lot of women happen to be looking for,” said Kali Morgenstern, fitness graduate assistant.

The class typically runs through four different exercises, 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Each circuit runs three times through, taking about 12 minutes to complete. On Thursdays the class is hosted in the TRX room and incorporates those exercises into the workout.

“I like to do two cardio and two strength exercises, and I start with the bigger muscles groups,” said Tribble.

Aside from focusing on the larger muscles, the class targets individual muscle groups such as triceps, abs and shoulders. At the end of the workout, roughly 15 minutes of abs is incorporated to the class.

When teaching the class, Tribble introduces a specific exercise and then progressively adds on to that particularly exercise.

“We start with more simple exercises at first and by the end are adding the more complex stuff,” Tribble said.

This class was developed in the beginning of the summer of 2014 to primarily help women navigate their way throughout the weights without feeling intimidated. From there it’s progressed into an exercise class that addresses activities that specifically target women.

“It’s focused more exclusively that are geared toward women,” said Nicki Reamer, Women on Weights participant.

The cost of the class is $35 per the six-week session. This current course will end the week before the University’s final exams, with the potential for the next course to begin during a summer session.