Music fraternity sponsors Greek Idol event

The Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity hosted a Greek Idol contest this past Wednesday night. Anyone was able to enter to win and the event was to raise money for the fraternity’s philanthropies.   

There were two categories participants could enter to perform in, The Best and The Funniest.

Five participants were in The Best category, while only one was in The Funniest.

Paramore, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Buffet and Carrie Underwood were among some of the artists that participants chose to sing songs from.

“I liked the variety that there was,” junior Melanie Isenogle. “I liked the different categories they had and everyone was very talented.”

Each participant chose something completely different to sing and there was a wide range of talent.

“The participant in the funny category was one of my favorites, it changed things up a bit,” Isenogle said.

Judges critiqued each performance, and at the end tallied up who the winners would be.

The winners were Alex Taylor for Funniest and Audrey Lee in Best. They each won a microphone trophy and a $15 gift card to Collegiate Connection.

“This was the first official event for our Adopt a School program. We started an after school program to work with school districts to help raise money for their music programs,” said Eric Juzkiw, coordinator of the event.

10 percent of proceeds are also going to Heifer International, a philanthropy based on teaching sustainable survival for underprivileged families in other countries.

“It was really good to see the community come together to support the chapters and also all of the philanthropies they are donating proceeds to,” said senior Kyle Hourigan.

This was the first Greek Idol that Phi Mu Alpha has put together, Juzkiw said.

“This event helps promote what Greek life is about and what they do, [and] because we are a music fraternity this really demonstrates what we are all about,” said Juzkiw.

At the end of the event everyone was cheering loudly and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“I would recommend Phi Mu Alpha hosting Greek Idol again. It is a great philanthropy for them to have and this event was very fitting for them,” said Isenogle.