Fact Line answers student questions

Lindsey Meyer and Lindsey Meyer

Something at the University has been getting buzz lately: the Campus Fact Line located in the Union.

Anyone can call the Fact Line at (419) 372-2445 and ask any question that they need an answer for.

University students run the desk everyday and are there to answer questions that come through.

Since the Fact Line has been brought to the surface lately, some may wonder if it’s new or underused.

“The Campus Fact Line was established by President Jerome right after the Kent State shooting,” said Steve Charter, University archivist.

After the shooting at Kent State, their university set up a phone number that students could call regarding the buildings being closed or on lock down. The University heard about this and then created a phone number that morphed into the Campus Fact Line.

“I can tell you from my own personal experience, I’ve been here from the early 80’s and 90’s and Fact Line was here then,” said Director of Operations at the Union Tony Fox.

Since the Fact Line has been around for decades, it’s more popular among the older generation because at their time in college the Internet was just being created. The Fact Line was a way for them to search for an answer to their questions.

“Fact Line was an analogue version of Google,” Fox said.

Campus Fact Line isn’t as advertised anymore since the Internet is now around. If someone has a question they can grab their phones and use any search engine to quickly find the answer.

“I’ve never heard of the Campus Fact Line …. I use Google a lot but if I had a random question it would be nice to call and have someone answer it for me,” senior Alexandra Ordway said.

The Fact Line does not get as many callers as they used to in the past. Fox said they get an average of a dozen calls a day.

“All we do is get on Google or the BGSU website depending what the caller’s question is,” Fox said.

Calling the Campus Fact Line could be a quick and simple way to ask a question when you’re on the go, especially while driving. It would be much easier and safer to make a phone call rather than typing on your phone and getting distracted. The Fact Line is not expected to go away any time soon. It is there to help not only students, but anyone who needs a question answered.