Board of Trustees raises room and board rates, approves eCampus for future students

Kendra Clark and Kendra Clark

The Board of Trustees met Friday morning to approve the increase of room and board rates for the following academic year, equaling to be $19,298.

The University held their room and board rates last year and this year are increasing the rate of rooms by 2.6 percent.

“Both these rates have held pretty steady,” said University Spokesman Dave Kielmeyer. “The University has been as sensitive to the students needs as it could be.”

Meal plan rates were increased an average of 2.7 percent. The Bronze meal plan, will go up 3 percent or $46, which totals to $1,588.

The Board also approved eCampus tuition and general fees. eCampus is an online program designed for non-traditional students who are working employees. The eCampus differs from regular online classes because traditional online classes align with the academic calendar, only starting in the fall, spring or summer. ECampus courses will be offered during six sessions falling within each current semester.

The courses work with the students so they can enter at any point, temporarily delay at any point and then resume their work.

“The eCampus is designed to offer non-traditional working adults a way to work for a degree or finish one,” Kielmeyer said. “This Is made because of the demographics in the state. Traditional students are shrinking so there will be a need for higher education to offer courses to working adults.”

Many of the programs in the eCampus exist online already through the University.

“Meeting their needs is critically important to Ohio’s economic future,” said Board Chair Fran Voll. “Our eCampus will provide the courses and flexibility working adults require.”

Ohio residents taking classes through eCampus will pay $394 per credit hour for undergraduate courses and $439 per credit hour for graduate courses. Non-residents will pay $404 for undergraduate courses and $449 for graduate courses per credit hour.

Also, the University will move ahead with the $5.6 million of renovations to Doyt Perry Stadium to address deferred maintenance issues and make other upgrades. The work will start in the summer and is due to be completed in 2016.