SIC SIC members revealed during hockey game, share experience of secrecy

Cherise Thomas and Cherise Thomas

Two members of the University spirit group SIC SIC were unmasked Saturday during the hockey game’s second intermission.

Lady Liberty and Arnold Schwarzenegger [Arnie] were revealed as senior students Chani Fordyce, an Individualized Studies major, and Kyle Jacob, who double majors in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics and Intelligence.

“SIC SIC isn’t like anything else,” Fordyce said. “There’s no way you can do it for the recognition.”

Her goal was to instill positivity and radiate the spirit of BG and to give back to the University, she said.

Much like Fordyce, Jacob wanted to make a mark of positivity and he wanted to make the group better than it originally was.

Jacob’s roommate had no clue that he was a SIC SIC member, he said.

“The coolest thing, for me, was that no one knew it was me.” Jacob said.

Everything about their lives became a secret, including their friendship and family-like atmosphere between the SIC SIC members.

Fordyce enjoyed forging friendships with the other SIC SIC members and considers them her best friends and five of the best people she knows.

“The fact that no one knows who my best friends are … is extremely, extremely humbling and special.” She said.

She recalls that her favorite memories are of the nights she spends time with the other SIC SIC members.

“No one gets to know about what we do and it’s very intimate. Very unique to us,” she said.

For Jacob, he enjoyed seeing the smiles on children’s faces as they asked him for taffy at sporting events.

“Almost every single time we go out, there’s always at least a few little kids that just come screaming to you,” he said. “They just love you and embrace you, and just seeing them smile … is just kind of cool.”

SIC SIC is different than Freddie and Frieda because you are keeping your secret for three years as opposed to one year, and that was Fordyce’s biggest challenge.

“The secrecy is definitely the only big challenge.” Fordyce said.

Jacob agreed with Fordyce.

“For three years, so much lying to your friends, so much lying to everyone,” he said.

They keep that secrecy not because it is fun, but because they love to show their BG spirit.

“It was very difficult to continue to lie to some of our best friends and to the people that we love and care about,” Fordyce said. “But we knew that we were doing it for the right reasons. It wasn’t out of malicious acts or anything like that. It was out of love for the University.”