An open letter to the worst customers

By Taylor Lody and By Taylor Lody

Anyone who works in the service industry knows how lousy customers can be. Whether it’s the man who demands you to cater to his every whim, the woman who complains about your service to your face, or the family who disregards anyone else around them and acts like they own the place, there is one thing in common: you are providing a service and they are unappreciative of it.

In solidarity of all of my fellow cashiers, servers, hosts and hostesses, sales associates, stockers, bus boys, and the like, here is my open letter to every crappy customer.

Dear aforementioned crappy customer;

If you think that this letter might possibly apply to you, it probably does. If you have ever acted towards a service employee as if they are beneath you, or without respect this applies

to you.

I would like you to know that I am sick and tired of apologizing for things that are out of my control. Movie theatre prices are expensive. Food takes time to cook and isn’t available for serving the second you sit down at the table. Self check out is confusing if you don’t read the user-friendly, explicit instructions. We, the members of the service industry, understand that you’re unhappy but we can do literally nothing to change these things. We are at the bottom of the food chain, but if you really feel so strongly about your complaints, I can direct you to the survey at the bottom of your receipt with false and sugary cheer.

The only good thing that comes from our horrible interactions with you is that we then use it to bond with our co-workers by complaining to them about how horrible you are. We make fun of you the second you leave, in shrill voices and over exaggerated pinched faces. You become the butt of our jokes and the common enemy around which we rally. If you don’t have a problem with this, by all means please don’t change a thing, but I can only hope that you feel even a twinge of shame or guilt.

I cannot fathom what causes you to mistreat any employee that provides a service that you demand. This is clearly something you cannot or choose not to do for yourself and although we are paid for our time, we are doing you a favor. We are paid to make sure things run smoothly and stay clean, not to put up with your crummy attitudes. Treating your service provider with respect will earn you special treatment much more often than throwing a fit will. If you’re kind and pleasant and treat us like a human being, we are more likely to go out of our way to make your experience a great one.

I genuinely love my job; I frequently get recognized for a job well done and my coworkers are all wonderful and interesting people, but if you refuse to treat me with the respect that I deserve then you are part of my personal hell, thanks for contributing.


Someone Who Doesn’t Get Paid Enough to Deal With You

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