Mens soccer prepare for final game at Cochrane

Zane Miller and Zane Miller

The Bowling Green men’s soccer team will have their final home match of the season on Saturday against the West Virginia Mountaineers, after finishing a four match road trip during which the team went 0-3-1.

After the match, the team will begin another four match road trip to close out the season, not including potential playoff matches.

“We enjoy playing at home, but a game’s a game,” Head coach Eric Nichols said. “We didn’t lose those games because they were played on the road, we lost them because we didn’t do the little things we needed to do, and if we don’t do the little things we need to do here, we’ll lose this one as well.”

One of the things that the team is holding with high importance for this match is being able to find gaps in the West Virginia defense, which is ranked second to last in the Mid-American Conference in goals allowed.

“We just have to have quality movement in our attack,” Nichols said. “The guy with the ball needs to have lots of options. When we’re playing well the guy has two or three options and we’re rotating and whatnot, but when we’re not playing well we’re a little bit stagnant.”

The team is aware that they played well over the past few matches, despite not getting the results to show for it.

“I feel good about the team,” Nichols said. “There’s a couple little things that we need to be doing better and then the results will show.”

Although this match is the last of the season to be played at Cochrane Field, the team isn’t facing a higher amount of pressure.

“There’s the same pressure to win every game,” Nichols said. “We treat every game the same, so I wouldn’t say there’s any more pressure to win this game than any other.”

The team will need to continue their level of offensive production in order to defeat West Virginia, who is third in goals scored this season with 23.

“We need to continue to have good movement off the ball, for the player on the ball. He needs to have options, and then we’ll be able to possess it a little bit longer, and we’ll open them up.”

The Falcons will have a chance to get themselves closer to playoff contention with a victory, with five of their six victories coming at home.

“We don’t get too caught up in (home field advantage),” Nichols said. “Of course we like playing at home, but it’s going to come down to what we do in those 90 minutes.”