USG launches weekly informational video series

By Alyssa Alfano and By Alyssa Alfano

Monday’s Undergraduate Student Government meeting included an open forum with President Mary Ellen Mazey and updates on recent initiatives.

Mazy spoke briefly in an open forum at the USG meeting and took the opportunity to answer some questions brought up by the students.

She covered many topics, including goals for this year and initiatives for diversity on campus.

Mazey said that one of the main goals this year that the university has will be “continuing to define the BG experience.”

Mazey said that “universities have to be all about the students,” and maintaining the University experience is part of that.

When it comes to diversity on campus, Mazey said, “I think we need to continue how to take the Not in Our Town movement into the next generation.”

After the open forum, USG president Victor Senn talked about the new video series that USG will be publishing through Key Magazine.

Senn said that “The videos are meant to be a informational session … for students to understand and get a good place to hear what USG is doing every week.”

Senn said that these videos will be a good way for the organization to be more transparent and to show students what USG is doing.

Senn and USG Vice President Danielle Parker both agreed that “visibility is accountability,” and these videos will be a great way for the organization to be more visible.

The weekly videos will come out on Mondays and the first video was published Monday on and on the USG Facebook and Twitter pages.

Continuing with USG’s initiative to get better lighting on campus, the idea was brought up to do a walk around campus with campus operations in order to find areas on campus that are not well lit at night.

Parker hopes to gain from this walk “a better understanding of where students do feel uncomfortable, especially in the dark and just a clearer image of what the university looks like at night.”

After this walk, the goal is to go back and get lighting set up to make those spots safer.

Parker and Senn agree that they “want to make this campus as safe as they can, as soon as they can.”