USG discusses recruitment, safety on campus

The Undergraduate Student Government had a guest speak about recruitment at their weekly Monday meeting Aug. 31 and spent time discussing safety on campus.

Van Wright, assistant to the vice provost for Strategic Enrollment Planning, spoke at the weekly USG meeting. He came to answer questions from members of USG about topics such as how the University gains new students, where a lot of transfer students come from and how many students actually enroll after being admitted to the University.

One member asked how USG could help when it came to recruiting new students and Wright said that simply being present on campus, especially on preview days, and talking to new students would make a difference.

Having guest speakers and open forums like the one at Monday’s meeting can be important to organizations like USG.

Victor Senn, president of USG, said that, “I think the importance of having like guest speakers first is really just to inform students and to give students the chance to really listen to people that are very important to the University.”

Having speakers that are faculty members or who hold other important positions on campus can bring new insight to students and to USG.

“I think that there are so many people, so many administrators, so many staff and so many students that we have to do the best that we can to bring in those people who are really some of the big difference makers on campus and some of the people who have a big hand in the student success and campus success,” Senn said.

After Wright spoke to the members of USG, a vote took place to elect a new academic affairs chair.

Student safety was also discussed. More lighting at night across campus and new crosswalks were given as potential ways to increase student safety.

“Really they just came up in conversations with President Mazey in our meeting. We were just talking about different student safety issues that we had been hearing about from other students and she had brought it up,” said Danielle Parker, vice president of USG, in regards to implementing crosswalks around campus.

“It is a safety issue for students, and as students we totally agree,” said Parker.

Senn also talked a little bit about getting better lighting around campus for students who work late on campus and would be walking to their cars or to their homes while it was dark out.