Renovations continue on campus

Construction and renovations overtook campus this summer.

Brian Swope, assistant director of design and construction, said more than 10 projects took place over the summer, with some continuing into the academic year.

Driving through campus over the summer may have been difficult for some due to repaving project on Kreischer West, Kreischer South, Alumni Drive and Park Avenue.

Michael Schuessler, project manager for the repaving project and the Greek Housing project, said Kreischer West, Kreischer South and Alumni Drive were all repaved over the summer because conducting the project during the school year would inconvenience more people.

However, because the Park Avenue Warehouse can be accessed from other directions, the repaving project for Park Avenue will begin next week and be completed in mid October, Schuessler said.

“Repaving doesn’t sound glamorous, but people appreciate that we are improving the campus environment,” Schuessler said.

The reconstruction of these roads included new underground storm drainage, new asphalt and a new stone base, he said.

The Park Avenue Warehouse will be renovated to become the new architecture building.

The renovation to the building will finish in December and includes gutting it entirely and adding classroom space, Swope said.

In addition to working on the Greek Housing project and reconstruction of Park Avenue, Schuessler said he will be working on the upcoming renovations to lot 7 this year to increase its parking capacity and use the space more efficiently.

Lot 7 is west of the union and Schuessler said they are planning on expanding to where the sorority houses used to be.

“The one thing I will say about the renovations to lot 7 is it will not be a sea of asphalt,” he said.

He said lot 7 is the “west front door to campus” and needs to function well, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Classroom renovations are another main improvement the campus experienced over the summer, Swope said.

Inside Olscamp Hall, common areas were renovated and updated, select classrooms were made larger and turned into active learning classrooms, and a new math education space is to be added, Swope said.

Active learning classrooms spread throughout campus over the summer with nine regular classrooms being renovated into five active learning classrooms in the Education Building.

Not all classroom renovations involved transforming them to active learning spaces; 41 classrooms throughout Math Science, Eppler and the BA building were “refreshed” with new paint, carpet and furnishings.

Debra Wells, Director of Client Services, said she is excited for students to see the upgrades because they will provide a more comfortable and inviting learning environment.

Wells is on a committee with 12 other administrators and faculty to provide input on renovations taking place with classrooms now and in the future.

As an IT representative, she said she always wants to make sure the technology is updated and standardized from building to building.

Wells said she has worked for BGSU for over 35 years, loves working with students and her heart is near to helping them, which is where she said her passion for these projects comes from.

Swope said he saw how great the educators were in this committee through working with them on the classroom renovations.

“It was wonderful to be with a collection of people who want the best for their students,” Swope said.

In order to provide cooling to the Traditions buildings [Moseley Hall, Hanna Hall and University Hall], the Centrex building has undergone renovations to waterlines.

The interactive map on the University website states the construction on the Centrex building will conclude in September 2016.

According to the map, the Health and Human Services building “enhanced classrooms, collaboration spaces, research facilities, faculty offices and advising spaces.”

Swope said this expected to finish in October.

Also expected to be completed in October is the final move for the Huntington building. The building underwent renovations to accommodate for additional office space.

The first move into the building took place this week, Swope said.

Long term and upcoming projects include South Hall, Greek Housing, Moseley and University Hall renovations

South Hall will be the new home to Media and Communication and is projected to finish in Fall 2016.

The Moseley and University Hall renovations are set to begin in January 2016.

Moseley Hall will be the new home to science classes for first and second year students.

University Hall will experience renovations to classrooms and be the new home to admissions and other student groups.

Over the summer, Greek Housing completed underground utilities, poured slabs of concrete and constructed the walls for the 10 buildings that will host 33 fraternities and sororities in Fall 2016, Schuessler said.

By January, Schuessler said the plan is to have all 10 buildings enclosed.

A list of all of the current construction with descriptions can be found on the interactive campus map at