BGSU is here for you

Victor Senn and Victor Senn

Welcome to BGSU! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your first day.

You all made it to BG and I am sure it was not a piece of cake. But now comes the easy part, all you have to do from here is go to class, study outside of those classes, join an organization or get a job, take a leadership role there too, not to mention have a social life… Actually that sounds pretty difficult, but don’t worry; let me talk about some of the most important parts of your freshman year.

First, classes are important. You could be a student athlete, a student leader or many other things, but you are always a student first. Be sure to check out the Learning Commons, a free tutoring center in the library, and take advantage of the unique learning experiences that BGSU can offer.

Second, supporting your fellow falcons is important! Whether you go to a football game, a soccer game, go see a play, or participate in an organizations event, it is crucial that as students we support each other. We are lucky to have 18 great varsity sports here at BGSU and each of them performs better when we are there cheer them on. Off of the field BGSU is home to amazing art programs that are always a sight to see.

Next, getting involved is so important. BGSU offers over 300 student groups, and if you cannot find an organization for you, there are people available to help you to start a new one. Greek life was what helped me find what I was passionate about and the members of the Greek community have shaped me into the person I am today.

No matter what it is that interests you, surrounding yourself with people that will care for you and challenge you to be your best is always helpful.

Lastly, never forget that you are important. We have all heard that college is the greatest four years of your life and that is the truth, but just like every other experience, college comes with its stresses. The difference at BGSU is that here you have thousands of members of your falcon family to help you along the way. It is okay to put the books away for a little and take some time off at the student recreation center, the union, or whatever place you find peaceful.

There are so many opportunities here at BG and every single one of them is available to you. So be open to trying and learning new things, be ready to work hard but don’t forget to have fun and remember that here, it’s all about you.

Welcome to BGSU and welcome to the start of your best experience yet!