Construction underway for spring semester

Kendra Clark and Kendra Clark

Through the spring semester, students may notice there are several construction projects happening with different academic buildings around campus.

There are different projects that are starting or continuing this spring semester that will affect students and their classrooms.

One is starting with South Hall, which was already closed off to the public fall semester.

“We already started South Hall, where the new media and communications school will go,” said Vice President of Capital Planning and Campus Operations Steven Krakoff. “We completed the interior demolishment and completed the design for the building. The interior work has been scheduled.”

Another project that is continuing into spring semester is the Greek Housing Project.

The Board of Trustees recently approved the funding for the construction for the housing in their December meeting. The total projected cost of the project is over $37 million.

The project is beginning to finish the demolition of the old Greek housing buildings.

“In April, we will start the construction for the new Greek housing on Wooster Street,” Krakoff said.

Krakoff is excited about the upcoming changes to campus and the Greek Housing Project.

“It is an exciting project,” he said. “We are pleased with the rigor of planning for the project. It will be a first class development for the Greeks on campus.”

The Classroom Project is looking to update or upgrade the academic classrooms around campus, mostly concentrating on classes in Eppler Hall, he said, which will start after the academic year is over and maybe continue into next fall semester.

Other projects are in the works for the University, like the development of the new Chiller Plant, which begins in the spring semester, and the infrastructure project, including renovations for Park Avenue Warehouse.

One thing that Krakoff wanted students to be aware of was the closure of certain sidewalks and roads.

“From time to time, we will be closing off roads and sidewalks on campus to make sure students and faculty will be kept safe,” he said.

Krakoff said the University is showing their commitment not only to student life but also to the academic buildings.

“The University is showing their visible investments into the improvement of the academic side and the buildings on campus.”

Sophomore Leslie Reichert said she thinks it’s a good idea the University is improving the classrooms around campus.

“I like the idea of improving our classrooms,” she said. “I also am excited about the Greek Housing. There was a lot of deconstruction with the original housing last semester, but I am excited for the new improvements.”

However, sophomore Rachel Carter isn’t so excited about the new changes because she won’t see many.

“I am a art major,” she said. “So I don’t usually come around to many other buildings, but it sounds really cool for people that are living in the Greek housing or getting new improvements to the classrooms.”