Students and organizations spend 265 hours and 40 minutes serving community

Students who are passionate about giving back to the community spent 265 hours and 40 minutes of service hours at the University’s second annual Giving Tuesday.

175 students participated in the event, hosted in the Union Multipurpose Room on December 1.

The amount of service hours spent by students were not included by the swipes given by Falcon Care.

Students and organizations such as The Cacoon Shelter, The American Red Cross and Food for Thought united together to give back to those who may struggle this holiday season.

“Organizations and students involved wrote thank you letters to veterans and made disaster relief bags for The Red Cross,” said the organizer of the event, Madison Livingston. “The Cacoon Shelter decorated lunch bags to be distributed to a homeless shelter in Toledo. There were also donations of items [to] comfort kids like shampoo, basic hygiene products as well as non-perishable food.”

Those participating in Giving Tuesday were given a challenge by alumnus Gregg and Darlene Decrane that they would donate a dollar for every hour of service up to $500.

“This is the first time that students have participated on campus, it was amazing to see so many organizations and students in a steering committee come together and participate and plan for the event,” said Livingston.

The event was also put together with the help of the Student Philanthropy Committee, to provide participants with an onsite learning opportunity and a chance to spread joy in the the dark places this December.

“I think it was a really awesome experience, it was good to write letters to the kids. In their situation they might not receive as much as other people this season, and we get them stuff and show them that they still matter,” said student participant, Brittany Carter-Steward.

Students around campus have many different reasons for why they chose to participate in Giving Tuesday, and why they strive to make an impact on the community surrounding the University.

“I’m actually from Isabella, Michigan, where statistically 31 percent of the population is living in poverty. Just having lived in a location where a lot of people don’t necessarily have all of the resources, or support to succeed, that’s part of the driving force of me joining the committee,” said student Brenden Dolehanty, “I have an actual opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people.”

Livingston said she couldn’t be more proud of all of the hard work and effort put into Giving Tuesday.

“We weren’t sure how students were going to respond to it, but we had very much success, all together we made a really big impact and have done a lot of good for the community and university.”