USG seeks input on possible new laws

By Alyssa Alfano and By Alyssa Alfano

At Monday’s Undergraduate Student Government meeting several items were discussed such as discussions of gender based violence and financial aid with OSGA, the ability for students to carry a concealed on campus, and a resolution regarding the Safe Campus Act.

USG had the opportunity to speak with members of the Ohio Student Government Assoiciation about several topics, one of which was gender based violence.

Some of the issues discussed in regards to gender based violence that were discussed were what universities are doing to combat this and what they could be doing better, according to USG President Victor Senn.

Another topic that was discussed with OSGA was financial aid. A representative from Ohio State came and discussed financial aid from the state’s perspective.

The speaker discussed how Ohio State has dealt with certain issues they have had with financial aid.

Senn said that they brought these discussions back to the University in order to discuss with administrators how to combat these issues, such as a shrinking budget or better allocating an expanding budget.

Another topic that was brought up was the possibility of students being able to carry a concealed weapon on campus.

Danielle Parker, vice president for USG, said that it is an issue that has been brought to the House floor for the state of Ohio and it is being voted on soon.

What this would do, according to Parker, is allow the Board of Trustees for each individual university to decide whether or not students can choose to carry a concealed weapon on campus.

Parker said that this would be unique to every campus since each university would be allowed to make its decision regarding this issue.

Parker also said that she is sure that if the Board of Trustees at the University had to make the decision, they would take into consideration the opinions of the students at the University.

Parker and Senn agree that if the decision would be made at the University, USG would go and gather the opinions of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students in order to get a valid information on what the University community is thinking and to get good information to present to the Board of Trustees.

USG also discussed the Safe Campus Act again, though the members did not come to a conclusion regarding wether or not they would support the act.

Discussing these resolutions in meetings is very important for USG.

Senn said, “It’s never our place to speak for students. It’s always our place to be the student voice because we’ve heard what students are saying.”

Discussing this in meetings and with students ensures that the leaders in USG accurately represent what the students are saying.