TV show cast to appear at Dance Marathon

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Two student organizations are teaming up to bring MTV’s cast of “The Buried Life” to campus on April 1.

The University Activities Organization and Dance Marathon developed the idea to invite the cast, after sophomore Makenzie Deering pushed the idea of the cast coming to talk at the University about their journey.

“The Buried Life” was a show that appeared on MTV in 2010; it consisted of four guys trying to kick their bucket list while helping others.

The cast will speak at midnight at Dance Marathon and will host a meet and greet afterwards.

“We talked about it a lot last year, but it never went through for some reason,” Sophomore Makenzie Deering said. “I thought it would be a big thing, especially since they are all about living life to the fullest, so I took matters into my own hand and contacted their MTV agent.”

After Deering talked to the cast’s agent, she wrote a proposal and sent it in.

“I was pretty pumped when it got approved,” she said.

Before joining teams with Dance Marathon, Briana Cowart, UAO president, decided the idea was a good one for the University.

“We wanted to start weekend night activities for students,” said Cowart. “This also was something that worked well with Dance Marathon because they do philanthropy stuff, which is one reason why we decided to get Dance Marathon involved.” Senior Sarah Swegan, director of Dance Marathon, agreed the cast of “The Buried Life” seemed to fit what Dance Marathon is all about, which is helping others.

Their lecture will be available for all University students to attend and listen about the cast’s journey and what they have learned during their experience with the show.

“This will be a motivational lecture on their experiences and different things that they have crossed off their bucket list,” Swegan said. “Overall, it is going to be a very inspirational couple of hours.”

The men are open to talking to students about their journey one-on-one and why they are choosing to be involved with Dance Marathon, she said.

The cast will appear at Dance Marathon on the main stage along with other activities that will be taking place there.

“If students wish to not participate in ‘The Buried Life’ aspect of the event, they don’t have to, which is why there will be other stuff going on.”

Swegan is confident that most people there will want to take part in this experience.

“This is a true example of campus organizations working together to make one event very special,” Swegan said.