Falcon Screeches for Monday, April 2, 2012

All throughout the year, I hear people complaining about Dance Marathon. So when I heard that it was going on this weekend, I went into it thinking it was a bad thing. Honestly, the people running Dance Marathon are awesome. They’re making a difference and doing it with a smile on their faces. Give these peppy people a break!


Ok, so whose bright idea is it to eat lunch in the sauna? I’m sitting in there working up a good sweat when all of a sudden, I hear the dude next to me tear into a sandwich between verses of his favorite motivational rap tune. I just don’t get why anyone would WANT to eat in there in the first place.


Walking into my apartment, I see my roommate drenched in sweat, performing the Insanity workout with his shirt off. Imagine if I were to have had a girl with me! She’s not trying to see my slippery roomie rolling and stretching up a storm in our living quarters.


Heading into the closing rounds of the NCAA tournament, four Ohio teams were in the running. Now, I’m an OSU fan, yet I was rooting for all the other Ohio teams as well. However, when Ohio State slipped up late in its Final Four performance, all the other teams’ fans ripped the Bucks apart. C’mon guys, represent Ohio. Don’t just rag on a team to get a rise out of the fans.


I hate who you are drunk. You change into a completely different person and it breaks my heart. One of these days you’re going to make a mistake you will regret forever and there is nothing I can do. Take it easy on the drinking and hopefully you won’t do anything stupid.