College Brief: Babyccinos: Drink of choice for the working toddler

Move over Juicy Juice, there is a new kid-friendly drink in town.

The babyccino, a pint-sized decaffeinated coffee or steamed milk drink intended for toddlers and children, is the latest coffee craze to sweep upscale Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The idea for the drink was born in Australia and has recently become popular in coffee shops throughout Park Slope and Fort Greene, New York.

A small coffee shop in Park Slope, Café Regular, serves steamed milk-only versions of the beverage for a dollar a pop.

Most Brooklyn coffee shops are reluctant to serve coffee versions of the drink to children after several negative reports on the trend. Parents and experts generally agree that coffee should be reserved for adults.

Bittersweet, a cafe in Fort Greene, serves milk-only babyccinos in espresso cups.

“We started getting a lot of flack from [the press],” Bittersweet manager Ryan Hess said. “They cited us as instigating this whole thing where everyone thought we were giving caffeine to kids, like we had some evil plan to caffeinate children or something, which is not true at all. There isn’t any coffee in at all, it’s just steamed milk.”

— By Nicola Pring

Washington Square News, New York University