Undergraduate Student Government has year’s final meeting, questions resolution

McDonald Hall Senator Daniel Johnson read a resolution to thank the Undergraduate Student Government 2011-2012 executive board at the organization’s last meeting of the year Monday night.

Once the resolution was read, the senate discussed the legislation for five minutes. Several senators expressed discomfort with the resolution.

“This is no reflection on the executive board but why are we thanking them for things they should be doing?” said Larry Serfozo, Interfraternity Council Senator.

Johnson replied that the resolution was intended to thank the board for jobs well done, not just for doing their jobs.

Senators also raised questions about whether similar resolutions had been proposed in the past, whether resolutions were reserved for a different purpose, or if the resolution was something that needed to be in writing.

“I believe all of us in this room believe this has been a successful year,” said Off-campus Senator Melissa Dzienny. “Is this something we need in writing?”

Diversity Affairs Senator Cassie Collier said she felt like the resolution was a fluff piece.

“It’s self-serving thinking like this that really dilutes the power of a governing student body,” Collier said. “I feel like the efforts could have been spent better doing something that affects the students.”

Collier recommended other means of thanking the executive board.

“If you like it, give them a thank you card; write a nice note on their Facebook,” Collier said. “They don’t need a resolution.”

The resolution was voted on as emergency legislation instead of going to the first meeting of the next administration.

The resolution did not pass, there were 30 “no” votes and four abstentions.

USG President Emily Ancinec said she thought the resolution was a nice gesture.

“I don’t know if it necessarily was the right means,” she said.

Monday was USG’s final meeting with the current leaders. USG will host an awards banquet for their members Monday.

Students can vote for next year’s USG members this week on the University home page. Results will be announced Friday at noon in the Falcon’s Nest.