Campus Brief: Officials discuss opportunities of new crime lab on campus

President Mary Ellen Mazey and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine spoke about a future crime lab at the University at a press conference Tuesday.

DeWine asked for approximately $11.9 million, which Governor John Kasich recently signed off on, to build the new facility on campus.

“This lab will make Bowling Green a premiere institution in the area,” DeWine said during the conference.

While the location for the new lab is still being determined, it will replace the old crime lab on campus that DeWine said has become to small to continue using.

DeWine also spoke about the necessity for the new lab in terms of an increased demand for DNA testing and other forensics.

“Whatever they do on CSI, we do it better,” DeWine said. ”Just not always in under an hour.”

DeWine also spoke about how students will become even more of a vital part of the new lab.

“What we know will work is the integration of students,” DeWine said. “They’ll literally be able to walk right to it.”

Like DeWine, Mazey said she is also looking forward to the opportunities the new lab will bring to the University and its students.